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I pushed too hard on the shield and the pins bent, yes im talking to the hardware direct and am in the process of creating a library
For SD i use Fat16 library, it works very well and is not too complicated to understand
Most of the code i have found has been for use with the 8051 uC's so has not been to hard to convert for Arduino


Mike Mc

Did you get anywhere with this library? Thanks.


Bit late and for another module. I have one of the µOLED-160-G1(SGC) modules with a goldelox processor on it. Fit's very well to an arduino in my opinion.

Made a lib. (there are others as well) and a circuit board for it. Now it serves as screen, 5 button input , sd-card interface and sound (noise :) )output.




I bouthg this display in SparkFun and I forget to buy the usb-to- serial adapter ( USB converter that uses the DTR signal to pulse the Reset line on the processor) but I found this information (http://www.mauroalfieri.it/informatica/tutorial-ulcd-32pt-e-arduino-come-programmatore-seriale.html) about to change the mode (SGC or GFX)  of the uLCD-32 PT (see down)

"GFX mode update the site builder software releases PMMC SGC-Loader and firmware load on the screen: ULCD-32 points-SGC-I-R22.PmmC
The software runs only under Windows.
Changing how the SGC and GFX viceversa can be done as many times as you want, depending on the manufacturer's website, however, take the relationship to the warranty: warranty directly from 4dsystems label to read before any operation with the screen.
The procedure is very simple, you need:
1 Arduino (Duemilanove or Uno)
1-32-point screen ULCD
n. 5 cables female / male to connect the display to the Arduino
ATTENTION: remove the microprocessor (ATmega328 or not) arduino,


In this mode behaves just as a arduino serial-USB interface, connects all as in the figure:


in practice it is necessary to connect:
arduino pin 1 (TX) TX to show
0 of arduino pin (RX) RX to show
+5 V pin screen --->  +5V Arduino (NOTE Correction: the user said Vin but he used +5 V of Arduino
pin GND ---> GND arduino screen
RESET pin  ---> arduino screen RTD"

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