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I already sent the code for dallas temperature one month ago, and still no response. I think this project is dead.


Yes me 2 there not realy responsive via email


to bad the project seems to be dead it has great  potentional


I am keen to get the Android source for this if possible to play with and modify it, I am looking for a project to do to learn android and this is awesome! If you are not still developing this, or even if you are, can I please get a look at the android source for this?
Keen to expand and develop this with you if possible...


Hello Mati,

Again a nice project.
For me it is working.
I am interested in the arduino part as wel as in the android part.
You launched the arduino source code. Can you also launch the ardroid code?
I,am still working to have the lamps etc. controlled over the internet via the ethernet board. At home it is working on yhe local network. I like to have it over the internet over a longer distance.

Is that coming?
Which android programming book is helpfull? Can you recommend.


ps.I send you some picks for your blog.

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