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Hello All,

I need some help finding the correct arduino to buy. I am doing a research project at school and need the arduino to read output data from an accelerometer. I have not done any work with arduino's in the past so I have no clue what to look for. I have attached the spec sheet for the accelerometer. Here is the link:


I would like to be able to attach the accelerometer to the arduino, and connect the arduino to my computer where I can record X data points per second. I need the data for calculations of the dynamic response of the forced vibrations. I would like to use the data in Excel to make data tables and graphs

Can anyone out there help me out?



I believe the output as-is will be too low to have usable readings with the 10-bit ADC of an Arduino.
I'd suggest looking at these accessories:
Optional accessories: 121 3-Channel Precision Low Noise DC Amplifier
140A Auto-zero Inline Amplifier

to get an amplified signal in the 1 to 5V range for decent conversions. Arduino takes ~110uS to read a signal and convert, it only has a single ADC. Will 300uS+ be fast enough for your project? If not, you can look into external ADCs with fast SPI interface and more bits of resolution.
There are PC programs like Processing(?) that can accept data from the Arduino via USB port to store in Excel. I've never done that myself.
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