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Still pretty new to Arduino, so please bare with me.

End result wanted::
Standalone Arduino hooked up to relay board.
Control relay Open/Close with a bluetooth device.

I.e  Bluetooth connection from Arduino to Iphone.  Custom Iphone app to open close relay 1 relay 2  etc.
Would like to be able to control at least 16 relays    possibility of up to 24.

Wondering the following
What items will be needed. Have been looking at Arduino Bluetooth.

The programming of the device I am not too worried about at this time, Just want to make sure this is possible as well as what hard ware I will be needing.

Thank you for the help in this matter.


If you have a standard footprint arduino (NG, duemilanove, etc) you won't have enough digital pins to control the relay, so look into an 8bit shift register. You can use it to control 8 outputs with 2 arduino pins.
Yes, it is possible, but keep in mind that bluetooth modules can be quite pricey, even the cheap ones go for ~$40; good ones are upwards of 70 to 80.


Currently do not have any hardware, do you have any suggestions.   Price is not a problem at this moment.  I am willing to spend upward of $400-$600 for hardware to make this work.
I have found S.S.Relays for this project, but not sure which Arudino board to use.  Was looking at the Arduino Bluetooth board.

Any suggestions to help with this project?


I write books about Arduino and Electronics: http://simonmonk.org


Any suggestions on relays that will work with the digital pins of the arduino mega

just trying to verify

this module will need to control the negative wire of a set of speakers   to turn them on or off



Well the situation is the following

Have 18 pairs of speakers  i want to be able to switch on and off on command by way of custom iphone/ipad software  from bluetooth link

Car audio speakers to be exact   

Was thinking just by switching the common ground on a pair to turn on    disconnect ground to turn off

relay 1  pair 1 
relay 2  pair 2    etc etc


Well what I am trying to accomplish is no different than what has been done in Circuit city, bestbuy, HH gregg  etc etc

walk up to a panel of speakers  want to listen to them  hit the button  and the speakers get turned on

pretty much the same concept  just more modern  but instead of the switches controlling the speaker selection    using a relay and a remote switch

I will post a schematic  of what i have set up monday

but all replys to this matter i do appreciate  and yes i am listening =)


I totally understand where you are coming from on this.

I am just trying to make this work for a local audio installer.  His new display he wants to be able to control with his Ipad instead of using the switches he has set up currently

and he normally only has 2 amps hooked up.

so IO wise would only need the speakers to be switchable

also... dont you sleep ?    lol

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