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Hello all,

I have embarked on the construction of a sound installation which will consist of a series of columns on which there will be a speakers arranged along the length of the shaft. Ideally I would have around 9 of these columns and anywhere between 5 and 10 speakers on each column depending on budget and restrictions on being able to pump out sound through this many speakers. I would probably be using max msp and interface it with arduino to control the sounds, I'm just not sure I would go about powering all these speakers if its at all possible to control them individually.

Thanks for all the help, excited to begin the arduino journey...



Just need an individual amp for each speaker, or set of speakers if that is what you are after.

What frequency range & volume level are you after?

Speakers like this
http://www.mpja.com/prodinfo.asp?number=14618+SP, $1.49
put out a nice sound playing Arduino Tones, am sure would be good musically also.
Tho if you want lower frequency something bigger would give better base.

These little amps could drive 2 columns each, just make sure to wire up your speakers in appropriate series/parallel combinations (probably want to end up with 8 ohms, but doesn't appear to be listed).
Or browse around, they have other smaller amps also.
Or, find a surround system, they have 5-6 outputs, get 2 of those and might be less expensive.
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