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Does anyone have one of these, or better yet, know where to get one as a kit or assembled? I realize they weren't called Arduino in the beginning, but I would love to have an original as a collectors item.

So far, the best I've come up with is the Serial 2.0 board and component list on Arduino.cc, but I'd like to find the original!

Thoughts? Suggestions? Links?


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What you are looking for is probably the "Arduino Serial" which includes the url "www.potemkin.org" (Massimo Banzi's personal website)

You can find the schematic here: http://www.mediamatic.net/13458/en/arduino-rs232-from-www-potemkin-org

This presentation (http://prezi.com/omdnngwobena/the-history-of-the-arduino-project/) says:
"Arduino started in 2005 at a bar named after the king Arduin. The team's main design goals were: it needed to be cheap (about $30), and it needed to be quirky."
"When demand grew for this circuit board, they needed to call it something. So they called it Arduino, after the bar and the king."
"The first Arduino sold under the newly-formed "Arduino" name was the Arduino Serial. It connected to a serial port instead of a USB port. The URL had the older URL "potemkin.org". The Serial also did not have a light connected to digital pin 13."

It was replaced by the Arduino Serial V2.0 which was also the basis for the Single-Sided Serial version 2 (there was no Version 1) so the "Serial" is older than the "Single-Sided Serial".

Edit: You can get the board for a Arduino Serial 2.0 at Mouser: http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Arduino/A000006/
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I thought I got my arduinos when they first became commercially available (I think it was 2005), so I'm surprised to learn there was a serial version.  Mine use USB.  Does anyone know the name of the version I have?  I'm having some difficulty figuring it out.



i think original and clone version (china made) have same quality
the ic and wiring scheme is same
i have try some original and some clone version, it same.
but offcourse u will more confident if use the original


Mouser still carries the Serial board PCB
I bought a half dozen or so and never used them.
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