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Good day!

I'm new to using Arduino or any micro-controller of the sort and I would like to create a program in C that would allow me to communicate with the Arduino board via the USB port on the board itself.

Can anyone help me out with this.

To be more precise, I want to be able to read input and activate outputs from the computer (Mac or PC).



Check out the Arduino playground for interfacing with software, they have information on C and many of it's near cousins further down in the listed software.



I understand this but even if lets say I try this one:


They don't explain how it communicates with the board. I tried the example they give but nothing comes of it. I don't see anything going to the arduino (Tx not showing anything going to the board).


So many details in the C program and/or the Aruino sketch could be the reason it's not working for you. If you can connect your arduino to the PC and able to down load sketches like blink, then all your Arduino hardware is working correctly. The rest is programming and I'm probably not the best resource to help you with that. Having seen people that do know their stuff around here, the first thing they would have you do is post your Arduino code and post your C code. Otherwise it's theoretical answers for a non theoretical situation.


Tx is the arduino output to the PC - your description appears to treat that as the input to the arduino.
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