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I am not new to microcontrollers, interfacing, etc, however, I am new to basic robot platforms for the Arduino.  I am looking for a robot platform similar to iRobot's iCreate platform.  I want something that already contains the motors, wheels, controller, servos, etc ready for use with an arduino.  I want to be responsible for interfacing sensors to the robot platform, programming the Arduino for robot movement, progamming the servos, etc., I'm just not very interested in spec'ing the robot motors, encoders, servos, chasis, etc.

I've googled a lot trying to find a "generic" arduino robot platform, but I havent found anything I like.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  What are you using?  


Something like this maybe?


Not a robot person myself ...
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You may take a look on this "Pololu 3pi Robot"

The 3pi used ATmega328P and is compatible with the Arduino development platform.


Thank you very much for the suggestions.  I am going to review both of those.


I vote 3pi all the way.... Better hardware and extremely portable....

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