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I don't follow.

Presumably you have to remove any 3v3 regulator and either replace it with a 5v version or just poke a 5v wire in to see if it works.

You cannot put 5v on the output of a 3v3 regulator.

If I've got the wrong end of the stick you'd better knock up a drawing.
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Fixed the issue. It was indeed to do with the power. Wish I had prototyped it earlier.
Lesson learnt! Measure twice, cut once!

I am going to update the sheet and post it again for your comments.
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Since I have not touched the cameras in 3 years, its time to sell them.
I have a 100 cameras approx a combination of A450 and A460. If anyone wants to buy them at 25$ a pop let me know.
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Movement & Sound - mishra.tv Film Productions


I didn't go thru the old history of this thread. What were you planning on doing originally? Did you end up doing something different?
Current A460 has pretty high pixel count, example:
What are yours rated?
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