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Topic: Porting the usb-serial-bridge 'firmware' from the ATmega16U2 to ATmega32U4 (Read 109 times) previous topic - next topic


Hi all,

I want to make a custom board, similar to the Arduino Uno, but using an ATmega32U4 instead of the 16U. My goal is to have 2 Arduino uCs that will have both program code, as I will only need the USB functionality for the updating of the program/firmware code - similar to how many of the Arduino USB-MIDI systems operate, using DFU to switch firmware and program the 328P.

I understand there is two approaches. 1) using the 32U as an ISP to program the 328P, 2) to port the usb-serial-bridge 'firmware' to the 32U. From what I'm have read, it seems 1) is possible. And so I was wondering how hard it would be, and what steps would need to be taken to port the 'firmware' to the 32U

Many thanks


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