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Hi all, I guess something about me would be a start. (first post, go easy).

I'm from a telcom back ground too many years ago,

I was given a "nano" clone some time ago, lurked here whenever curiosity got me,
and thought, I could do something with these. first ideas were all centered on living on a bush block with minimal utilities (and minimal $$).  :(

Now days it is more, "what fun can I have with this, now that i have time to further original ideas.
So here I am!

Seriously, what would newbie like me go through with os/ide/drivers, etc with clone?

Btw,  I can run ''HelloWorld', i2c has me stumped.

win 8.1, ide,1.6.9, 1.6.11


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Seriously, what would newbie like me go through with os/ide/drivers, etc with clone?
That depends on the clone. Some are virtually identical to the originals. There won't be a difference in terms of the IDE. The original Nano uses an FTDI FT232 chip for USB to TTL conversion. If the clone has the same chip, the same driver is needed. Some use a different chip like the CH340G, and so a different driver needs to be used.

I don't have any Nano boards, just UNOs and Mega2560s. All are clones, and like the original of these boards, use an ATMega16U2 for USB to TTL conversion. To use them, there's absolutely no difference to the original Arduino/Genuino boards.

Here in Oz, the originals are fairly expensive, whereas I can get a good UNO clone for about $8 delivered from eBay, and a Mega2560 for $15.
Buying these (with the same USB to TTL chip) means that I don't have to install a special driver, just the one that's supplied with the IDE, and I can use them just like originals.

Hopefully this answers your questions. If you have any more, fire away.....

Edit: Oops: I also have Pro Mini clones. They behave just like the originals too.
Please do not PM me for help. I am not a personal consultant.
And others will benefit as well if you post your question publicly on the forums.

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