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Ran Talbott

It wouldn't be that hard to do.

It would be for me: as I mentioned in my original post, there's no way I could make a board with the Wiznet chip.  Living in the hinterlands, I probably couldn't even find someone local to do the assembly.

If I used a module like the WIZ811MJ so I could do through-hole, it would take the parts cost up to that $35 range.

But the WIZWEB module is only $32, with 640K of flash, 36K of RAM, and more I/O. Plus it has the W5300 Ethernet chip, which eliminates the SPI bottleneck.  The ATMega128 supposedly has support in Wiring, so turning it into an Arduino platform should require only a little more than modifying the Ethernet library to support the 5300.

The only downsides I see are the double-row headers (a modest increase in the difficulty of incorporating it into projects) and the requirement for an external 3.3V regulated supply.  Some people might see the lack of a USB interface as a problem, but it seems to me that you're rarely going to need one for projects that use Ethernet.

I've been wishing for an Ethernet Arduino for a while, but I think the Wizweb makes more sense.  If you want shield compatibility,  just make a simple through-hole "carrier" board with a voltage regulator and shield headers.  It'd almost certainly be both cheaper and more powerful.

Ran Talbott

I am starting to be a little worried about a TCP/IP chip that doesn't support IPv6.

I don't, because my experience with looking through access logs on embedded systems I've deployed has led me to divide 8-bit (and even many/most 16-bit) networked micros into 3 categories: "firewalled", "screwed", and "not screwed yet".

There are so many zombie PCs out there that you just can't put simple systems on the net without something to protect them from being swamped by incessant probing.  The router(-ish) device that connects them to the Wild Wild Web will eventually be one that translates between IPv6 and the legacy devices on the LAN running IPv4.



I made a library to help simplify the ENC ethernet shields:


But, if you have the money get a Wiznet shield - much easier.
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What about getting a Wiznet breakout board?

I understand it is still quite expensive, but cheaper than the Arduino and a bit more flexible to include in the design.
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