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Also, MDfly is selling a board based on this chip for $17.  http://www.mdfly.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=9_41&products_id=109

They're sold out now, but I managed to grab one while still in stock.  The price was just too temping, although it's clear that bringing it up is going to be a giant pain from everything I see written out there.


Pinging this thread up again, in case anyone finds it while trying to make this same decision. 

After investing a couple of months in the ENC28J60, I strongly recommend ANYTHING ELSE :)  The big problem with the TCP/IP stack in software is that it's really unreliable.  There is not a big community using this chip, so the stack does not get the benefit of crowd-sourced bullet-proofing.  I've now installed and tested every implementation I could find, and I can't find anything that works as a client which is reliable and remotely easy to use.


But what is a big deal in this case is reliability:  some of the sensors will be installed in locations where it would be an all-day trip to push the reset button,  so it's important that there are no mystery gotchas in the drivers that cause the system to flake out once a week,  or even once a quarter.

This is exactly what I'm finding happening.  So now I'm working on a watchdog reset solution.  But still, the mean time to failure in my system is about an hour of sending packets once a minute.


yuo might want to checkout http://wiki.hackspace.org.uk/wiki/Project:Nanode

Cool..  Nanode is pretty nifty, I might want to make something like that!  Problem is, Nanode uses EtherShield.  Same problems as stated above :|  Piles of complexity...  Where do you even start if something goes wrong.  Less cleaned up than EtherCard.


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Have you seen the Freetronics EtherTen? Its basically an Arduino UNO plus the Wiznet Ethernet Shield combined into one (SD card slot included).  It also supports Power over Ethernet, both a cheap version of PoE and the official version of PoE.

I bought one to act as the controller for a zigbee network and it took almost no time to load the standard web server example sketch and get it running (the one that returns readings from the analog pins).

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