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Your code at first glance seems fine, the amplifier seems to be good, im not sure what input voltages and such it needs, you may need to investigate that, and the regulator and battery seem to be good. I am not understanding the issue with the sketch not saving, are you uploading it to the correct port? Please elaborate on the steps you make.


Ok, so when I upload my sketch this is what i do:

1) plug into usb port
2) compile sketch to check for errors
3) upload sketch to board
4) everything works how it should
5) remove power supply and data is lost
6) when power is re-supplied the sketch does not run. The 13 pin LED just blinks rapidly.

How do I make it so my sketch stays on my board? Is it possible that there is a hardware issue?

Tom K

A to your problem with your program not being saved by the Arduino, Sparkfun received a batch of UNO's with bad bootloaders on them.
They have a tutorial for reloading the bootloader if you have another UNO or programmer. If not they will replace the unit.


Thanks for the info about the faulty boot loader. I have contacted spark fun and they are going to get me another board. My project is almost done. I will post photos of the finished project.

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