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OK guys don't make me regret this:

That's the Rovio.  Take her for a drive... maybe 30 mins of battery at best...

Fun, just very difficult to control. what is going on with the picture? sometimes it got a very good framerate, then drops to 1 picture/3 sec
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Well, it seems I'm still not giving it as much power as it wants.. with AA's rated at 2200MaH (not likely to actually deliver that) at 1.2v, I'm still shooting way under the 3000MAH it wants.. so maybe it's a signal strength or throttling issue


hmm yeah, but pretty good picture, when it updates :D and I was too slow to look in your fridge... -.-
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not bad for $5 from a junk store huh?


Man that's cool!  I want one!!

I got waved at and everything :D


I tried sending it home, I think someone else was controlling it though and it kept crashing into stuff... it's practically dead in your kitchen atm, near the table


I was driving for a bit. Ya, sending it home just makes it crash into chairs.

I did get a good shot of the dog eating a treat.


You need to add screenshot support, and it saves the shots to an SD card or something


My last "scrounge" over the weekend (though I paid for the stuff) at Apache Reclamation and Goodwill:

ARE: A garmin streetpilot III for $20.00, plus some miscellaneous low-ohm power resistors for current measurement.

Goodwill: A "matched" (same model) pair of Ryobi 7.2VDC cordless drills (for the motors and gearboxes) - $5.00

In the true "scrounge" department, I'm thinking about tearing apart an old Hoover steamvac (probably the only thing worthwhile there is the motor); our's died a while back, and my wife bought a new one (a Bissell this time 'round - seems to do a great job). Not sure if I'm really going to or not - might just donate it to Goodwill for others...
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If you click the camera, it will open a still-frame photo (jpg) in your browser (this is based on IE and/or Firefox)

Battery did die.. it's back on the base now charging (but since it's on the base it will be working again, just not able to do much driving until the batteries charge up, seems to take at least an hour or so with that AA's)

Were you able to get audio?

Additionally, it looks like the sucker was out and about with you guys for almost 45 minutes before it died.. much better than I thought it would do, especially since it was doing substantial movement and not just video.

Going to have to start a "Pimp My Rovio" thread :)


OK guys don't make me regret this:

That's the Rovio.  Take her for a drive... maybe 30 mins of battery at best...

I drove it off the dock then realised I had better things to do.

Very cool though...

So yeah - that was me then :D



sure it's silly but it's also fun ;)


I thought I heard some noise every now and then, but by the time I first logged on it was low

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