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You are best getting the numbers off the parts you remove and typing them into google followed by the words data sheet. That should tell you what they are. Remember that any wattage rating above 0.5w will do just as well.

It is almost impossible to tell the difference between a diode and a zener diode without the label.
How ever, with some good will you could make a test jig with, lets say 20Vdc and a 20kOhm R. If you connect your "zener diode?" forward you will have typically 0,6 to 0,7V over diode and if connected backward you will see the zenervoltage. It will of course not work if Zener voltage is over 20Vdc, and if it is a regular diod it will stop backward and you will measure 20V.

Edit: You may be better of with a 4,7kOhm R and you should be aware of that forward voltage can be higher maybe 2V or so. This is not bulletproof but it should work for most zener diodes out there.

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