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I want to use a custom name what shows up in the devicemanager etc. on a project I'm making. It uses the FT232 breakout board from sparkfun. How can I make so a different name shows up. For example "My project" insteed of the normal "USB to Serial converter.

Also, if I need a custom PID for this, there can I get one what not costs $2000 and is a complete VID. I just need to have my custom name and if needed ONE PID.



Looks like you need MProg utility from http://www.ftdichip.com/Support/Utilities.htm

or newer software there i've never used. MProg works, and changes device string. If you will change VID/PID by yourself nothing will happen, you will just loose the driver & connection to MProg. Fun, isn't it? I did so and had to play with .inf files and registry to get control back.
Good news - same utility changes the value of power requested by USB device which may be handy.


MProg works

A step by step guide to this is to be found as part of:-



I found FT_Prog from FTDI. After reading the user guide for some time I tried to change the Product Description to "TiTaGreMo - SSF Timing" I right clicked on the device and then on "Program device". After that I opened up the Device manager on windows but under the category Ports (COM and LPT) ports my device still stood as "USB Serial Port". What have I done wrong? How do I do it right?



if you not changed PID of device you have to use the same driver (within WIN$) and same registry entry. Deinstall all related, install once more, or install on fresh system, that's the only way to user to find out if the product ID was changed. Or set up some software to query/poll your USB devices & rewrite the registry

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