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I looked into the write_i2c command a long time ago. It would be great except that there is no way to set an I2C device address, it always writes to the camera chip address. Perhaps with some deeeeeeep hacking you could use the memory writing commands to set a new I2C address. But I had hoped to use I2C to bypass the nasty effect that every firmware update moves things around so that memory addresses are no longer valid.
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How are multiple connections handled?

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it appears that multiple users connected actually all have control at the same time (or can act as spectators).  A good portion of the time I've also been connected, just watching as others drive her around.  By the way, as I keep referring to it as "Her", she deserves a name, don't you think?  Got any thoughts, guys?

By the way, it seems when it docks and at other times, the camera brightness resets to unusable values.  This is the simple app I am using, typically I am setting the brightness to .6, min framerate to 1, and AGC ceiling to 3.  I leave the contrast.  Seems to be the best overall.

Interestingly, the debug command set also includes read and write memory.. so maybe it could be tricked ;)  .. I sure don't want to reverse engineer the embedded application..

If you want to tweak the video values, here's the application to do it.  Remember to set the IP/port in the interface.. it's just an HTML form

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When the testing is complete there will be... cake.

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