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Total noob to Arduino and Processing.. but I'm trying!

Ok in a nutshell, I want to do this!


I have a Arduino UNO and Processing IDE, the cameras, etc.. etc..

What I'm not following is first the idea.. and then of course the code..

But the idea.. Using an IR sensor.. maybe like this..

And having it understand movement, and sense where a person is..

First do I load and image of a blank sidewalk..
And then compare the current image vs balnk image to tell where the person is or if there is a person there at all..
And then move the video forward or back according to the position of the person.. or really the relative position of the person to where they were last..

And if I'm doing this on a video camera, would arduino be able to handle analyzing each frame at something like 30fps..

Hmm, any help is greatly appreciated..



Ok, I did see this, which in theory is very similar, but instead of controlling a motor, I'd like to control video playback..


The code is there, but I get lost where he created the display and it analyzes the video..

Any thoughts??



would arduino be able to handle analyzing each frame at something like 30fps..

No you can't use and arduino do do this at all.

Pleas don't cross post it makes people cross.

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