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Wow! I might win against a 32KB brain if I try my best. Never learned any techniques in chess. This is very cool! So what happened to the resistor in picture? Too large for back light so you put two parallel?


Oh, you noticed that little detail in the picture  :smiley-eek:
I simply did some experiments with the backlight. The shield is ok, but its documentation according to some specific backlight colors is a little bit incomplete (http://schmelle2.de/wp/arduino/shields/dogm128-shield).


Are your engine board or piece focused?

I also wonder it is deterministic; would two identical plays (from the player perspective) cause two equal outcomes?

Do you use well known openings? Or do you use the search from the get-go?

I've also written a simple chess engine as a part of my bachelor degree, the Alpha-beta pruning search is actually the source for my alias (also my initials A.B. aligns well).
Looks cool!
I'll have a look at the source one of these days :)


The evaluation function looks for the number of pieces and how are pieces placed on the board. So I would call this "board focused".

The engine does not use any random function. If you play the same moves, the engine will react always in the same way.

The engine does not have any opening database. So far I did not add anything which was not strictly required... to keep the program size as low as possible.

The Alpha-beta pruning search is the topmost item on my TODO list for the game engine.
However I did not fully understand that algorithm yet, so I am still afraid of its implementation.

This is a list of things which should be added:
1. alpha-beta search
2. dynamic depth/quiescent search
3. end game improvements
4. repetition and 50-move rule
5. better, perhaps piece focused evaluation
6. opening database

Anybody is welcome to contribute to the code at http://code.google.com/p/dogm128/
And I guess Andy (http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,50524.0.html) still has some S102 shields available for testing the engine ;)



Cool! Where are the images stored for the chess pieces?

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