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This is very cool - definitely a contender for "top-10" Arduino GLCD games! I'm impressed that you coded your own engine (I tried such a thing once myself, a long time ago, and didn't get very far with it). I'm not surprised you were able to do it in the space (other than the RAM limitations); there used to be a 4K cartridge chess game for the TRS-80 Color Computer (though there wasn't as bad a RAM limit there, but it was pretty small).

I'm still waiting for someone to port Dungeons of Daggorath to an Arduino w/ a GLCD...

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Where are the images stored for the chess pieces?

Bitmaps are stored in the Flash-Rom with the GNU CC PROGMEM extension (avr/pgmspace.h).
The DOG library has a small PROGMEM abstraction layer:




Finally, I have released a new version of the DOGM128 library which now includes the chess game:

A DOGM128 or DOGS102 display with some buttons are required to play chess against the Arduino Uno.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.


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