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I would like a Board for Program Logic and one for System Design.
Many people ask how to solve a specific logical problem, or a structural problem.

"How to do multiple things at once?" -> Program Logic question
"I want my program to first read a keypad, then check the input against a password. [insert long list of rules and features] How should I do that?" -> System Design

I would also like a board dedicated for libraries (maybe even a category?) and one for library requests (that is, separate existing libs discussion, and discussion for future libs and requests for those).

What do you think?


Board implies hardware. How would the hardware differ for your two defined categories?



I think AlphaBeta is bringing up an interesting issue here. I am not so sure about the different aspects of software design (first part of the topic), but we should probably have something about library design. I will ping Mellis and get his opinion about it.


The program logic questions can go in the current "Programming Questions" board and system logic in "Project Guidance".  They're not exactly the same thing, but close enough that creating extra boards for the others would be overlapping and confusing. 

Third-party library development can go in "Other software development".  Questions about the official Arduino libraries can go in the relevant sections of "Using Arduino".


I agree with all your 'can go's, but I think it would be beneficial with something more explicit.
Just an idea though.


I don't think there should be a forum for libraries.. it'll be too messy and too unorganised. A dedicated repository or application (which I know has been worked on in the past, don't know if it is still under development) would fit that need so many times better.

As for more forums, even though I support the notion of a generic system design forum.. there are too many as it is, it'd be better to clean up what is present right now and cut the number down to a third or fourth, then we can have a look at what is missing =\ (my point of view).
Besides, at the moment there are at least half a dozen forums that encompass a part of the system design topic..


Its not fun watching the Arduino forum implode.  Its like a bunch of 14year olds hijacked it.  Only 14year olds would have used phpBB or something more, I dunno, user friendly, not this eye scratching, brain-frying setup.

Libraries are buried in Other Software.   Libraries and the easy way to make, and deploy them are WHAT MAKES ARDUINO.  If I wanted 28 different ways to make core libs, and have to hunt all over creation for them I would use ARM.


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