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Mark Bramwell

Has anyone collected a list of which pins are used for each shield?

As I look at all of the stackable shields on the market, I wonder how many of them would conflict with each other due to the fact that many use the same pins.

It would be nice to have a table that listed each type of shield and the pins required.

I am willing to create to collect the info and make the table if people would post the info to this thread.

I have the LCD+buttons shield as well as the ethernet shield based on the ENJ28J60 (not the WIZNET 5100 version).

Mark Bramwell

I have placed an image of what I am trying to accomplish here:


Obviously it would be nice to have someone post details of shields that they have technical data on so the table could be expanded.


DuinoADay has a list of shields.  Some of them have which pins are used listed, but not all of them.


Might be wroth while to start up a google spreadsheet doc and post a shared link in here.  That way anyone who wants can go in and put in pin info for their favorite shield.


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