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Mark Bramwell

Has anyone collected a list of which pins are used for each shield?

As I look at all of the stackable shields on the market, I wonder how many of them would conflict with each other due to the fact that many use the same pins.

It would be nice to have a table that listed each type of shield and the pins required.

I am willing to create to collect the info and make the table if people would post the info to this thread.

I have the LCD+buttons shield as well as the ethernet shield based on the ENJ28J60 (not the WIZNET 5100 version).

Mark Bramwell

I have placed an image of what I am trying to accomplish here:


Obviously it would be nice to have someone post details of shields that they have technical data on so the table could be expanded.


DuinoADay has a list of shields.  Some of them have which pins are used listed, but not all of them.


Might be wroth while to start up a google spreadsheet doc and post a shared link in here.  That way anyone who wants can go in and put in pin info for their favorite shield.


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there is a page that has been started on the playground yesterday:

It could be better but it is a start. You will need a playground logon to modify it.

DuinoADay has a list of shields.  Some of them have which pins are used listed, but not all of them.

The idea was to have the pins all listed on there but it is not a small task and I do not own all the shields and some do not tell you on the websites...

I think that linked image looked very good. Easier to see and compare shield pins. I will have a play around and see what I can do.



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Its going to be pretty hard to fit a nice grid like the example image into the Playground format due to the fixed width.  Is there any way to widen the playground style?

I played around with the Wiki formatting and I think I managed something passable on that pin usage page:




Looking good. Still a bit small though isn't it...


Christopher Singleton


Mark Bramwell's version is much easier to use to figure out which shields would interfere with each other and which shields might happily coexist.



Yeah well that was the original idea but unfortunately a bit hard to stick on the playground due to the limiting width...



I like the stacking of the analog/digital pin idea, it makes it clearer that the analog pins can do double duty as higher number digital pins.

I don't really like the notes field interrupting the grid though.  Having a continuous grid you can scan your eyes up and down really makes a chart like this much more readable.  I think simply minimizing the notes as much as possible, and putting them in with the description is a better way to go.  Some of the comments seem unrelated to pin requirements (Arduino ethernet/xbee)

We could lobby for a wider playground page, that would alleviate this whole problem.


Everyone please move across to this thread:
Then we can keep it organised and sensical.

I will reply on the other thread now.


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