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Hi , i have a couple of questions , firstly im a newbie so please be gentle.

1. I purchase the a 60 LED 1m SMD 5050 light strip thing and controller which is great but i want to take and cut down the strip into sections of 3 lights and control/change each.
Im realistically looking to have several of these maybe changing colours over the day i dont even really need to connect them to the arduino mega i have , just want to light several small areas.

If you don't connect them to a microcontroller (like an arduino) you can't have them change colors over the day, unless you did some nifty wiring with traditional ICs. I'd suggest getting a cheaper arduino if you want to do a permanent mount (or a bare atmega328). Good luck though.

Stuart Faust

So say i just want to power it from the PC , i can use a spare molex power cable and grab the 12v and ground and wire it to a power connector to attach to the colour changing box without doing anything else?
Is it really that simple?

I was worried that the power from the computers psu or should i say current would be too much.

Thanks for your help.

I also wondered if anyone has played with these before , even taking one of the leds and connected it to the arduino single led at a time?


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Is it really that simple?

Yes  :)
It is the voltage that is important, the current capability of a power supply is just that, a capability, what it can supply if called to do so not what it will supply.

Stuart Faust

Thanks for your help.

Do you or anyone know the best places to find teaching electronics stuff , i want to learn more but cant seem to find any decent basic's guides etc explaining this sort of stuff.

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