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Have you any tracks for me to follow to be able to display a number (8 digits, from a computer or a Arduino card with a Keyboard) on a mini LCD (wire or wireless) and being able to take that lcd away with me?

I found an interesting topic on the old forum :


But as a very newbye I haven't enough experience to understand what I would need.

I have seen such display (which would be perfect) in a supermarket shelves for indicating prices.



What do you mean by "taking it away with me"?

You're dragging this display on an arduino with a wire for how much distance? and why?

Paint us a complete picture of what you want to do so we can help you better. Maybe you don't need to drag the display but instead have a wire between arduino and a sensor but anyway, some details are needed here.


I need to take the display with me without anything else.

It is just the same as the supermarket intelligent labels.

I need to program a message on a display and then disconnect that display and take it away with me. That display has to show the message enven taken apart from its base.

Is it clear?


Interesting idea. Will the message have to change while you have it in your hand or does it change after you put it back to the arduino base?


Needs to stay as it is as long as not back to the base for a change.


OK, your display needs to have an on board power supply as the display will clear when removed from arduino and power. Maybe 4 AAA batteries with low-drop-out voltage regulator on an LCD shield. I've no idea who sells such thing though.


I have seen such displays on Digital Calipers, they have button type batteries and they last for a long time also...


Very different displays. The one you linked to can't be powered by a small coin battery. You should buy a couple of displays and try them out first.


There are also eInk displays becoming available - set them and then they stay that way until told otherwise (as I understand it). They are a bit rudimentary at the moment, but that might be a way forward.


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