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Topic: EasyDriver v4.3 and sparkfun Stepper motor woes (Read 9409 times) previous topic - next topic


Changed enable to LOW

switched the speed to 10.0

and still NOTHING!

The motor stays fully engaged and does not spin at all!

Arduino v 0022

Thanks for sticking through this with me man....any other ideas?


I just wired everything up on my duemilanove just in case there was something funny going on with my new UNO board as I have never used it for anything before.

Still no good. Same results.


Just unplugged the motor from the EasyDriver and hooked it back up directly to my Duemilanove and ran some example code and that works fine.

Im still pointing fingers at either the EasyDriver or AC wall wart.


This may be a silly question - but is your wallwart outputting 12v DC or 12V AC? I know I've got a few at home that are AC output, it's caught me once or twice. 8)

If it is DC can you check the volts with a multimeter when it's trying to run the motors to see if maybe it's dying under load?



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why not post the "code-that-works"

are you driving it direct from the Arduino - that's "unusual"
wouldn't have thought it had the power

might also be worth trying with IDE 21 if you can
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them that understands binary
and them that doesn't


The code that works is the sample stepper code with the motor pins directly in the Arduino.

Sorry I'm on my phone. I'll post more later


I had the same exact problem.  Did you ever figure it out?  My motor works when directly attached to the Arduino, running the example code from Schmalzhous...Thanks!



how many wires does your motor have(is it uni polar or bipolar motor)?
cuz if it uni-polar it will not work with the driver it has to be bipolar

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