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Hello all,
             I have some shiftbrite's that I have working, I have written lots of little code snippets to do different things with them.  So I had the idea instead of controlling them through a laptop connected with a USB cable I would like to control them through any web browser through wifi.  I just received the wifly from sparkfun and already I am thinking my idea might not work.  The wifly shield communicates through SPI as do the shiftbrites.  Is this possible for this to work or will I have to find another solution?  I noticed the ethernet shield also communicates through SPI as well so I imagine it is the same story.  I can use two arduino's set up as master slave, but I would really like to do this wirelessly through a browser.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


There is an example on the documentation site for controlling Shiftbrites without using the hardware SPI pins: http://docs.macetech.com/doku.php/non-hardware_spi_example

You can select any available pins. It will be somewhat slower than the SPI code, and means that you cannot use a ShiftBrite Shield, but will not interfere with the WiFly or other shields that use SPI.
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