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Mouser has been selling Arduinos for a while now, but more recently (via adafruit), there is a nicely positive press release:

Also, Mouser seems to have DIP ATmega328P ICs in stock.  For now.


Wow, 10,000 of the DIP parts too.
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Coding Badly

...and they have my favorite ATtiny in stock!  Where did I put that credit card...


...and they have my favorite ATtiny in stock!

Would that be the 85 :)

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Coding Badly

Not this week!

I waffle between the 84 and the 85.  The one big pain with the 85 is having most of the pins tied to an ICSP during programming (I need one of your boards!).  In all other regards, the 85 is usually my favorite.

The last time I went shopping for DIP 84s I could not find any.  Lots and lots of 85s but no 84s.  DigiKey listed the 84 DIP as discontinued.  So, now that Mouser has some in stock, the 84 is my favorite tiny!

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