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Hi guys, a brief introduction,

Im an experienced programmer but completely new to electronics, as such, its the electronics im having issues with.

I basically want to add a little screen to my car to monitor sensors around the car. Oil temp, oil pressure, boost pressure etc. Id also like to interface this with the car dash and to do this it would appear i need to output 12volts.

Now im aware that the arduino only deals up to 5 volts but searching around it would seem i can use a transistor to get this increase in voltage?

Can anyone give me a quick guide on how i would go about this, i understand my project isnt unique but even after reading through others like mine im still having no luck on this initial step.

Even if its just a link i would be most appreciative.


Im learning, so bear with me :)


I'm not sure if they exist for 12V, but there are things called "logic level converters" Here's a 3V to 5V one: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/8745

The idea is that some micros and sensors operate at 3.3V, and others operate at 5V. If you output 5V to a 3.3V system, it will blow up. So by using the above converter, you can turn 3V signals to 5V, and vice versa. Google around for some 12V to 5V ones.


Id also like to interface this with the car dash and to do this it would appear i need to output 12volts.

Can you explain a little more about what you mean by that?

Normally, to control 12V with the 5V outputs of the 'duino you'd use either a relay or a transistor. Google "Arduino relay shield."


I don't get why you need 12v output... Do you need to switch on something?

And.. this is just an idea, but I think that it's easyer to sobstitute the original car display, read the signal bus from the car and interface it with your screen.
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Yes, the clocks in the car (mk2 golf gti) require a signal from 0 - 12v for operation of the instruments. I want to start of by operating the rev counter (tacho) so im assuming i need to supply the clocks with a 12v signal to get the needle to work its way the full range of the clock.

If anyone knows otherwise i would love to hear as i said im a total newbie and a lot of this is assumptions
Im learning, so bear with me :)

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