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As I missed some features in the standard Arduino IDE, I decided to create my own. It started as an editor (Edruino = Editor for Arduino) and evolved into something like IDE and I published it as a free software.

You can look at the detail description and download it here


Just a short list of the Edruino features:

  • Tabbed editor with syntax highlighting, line numbering
  • Parenthes / curly brackets pair matches highlighting
  • Up to 10 bookmarks with fast access icons in a toolbar with hints and Bookmark browser
  • Default bookmark for setup(), loop(), #include section and #define section
  • Search / replace including regular expression support
  • Source code Print with print preview
  • Direct source code compilation and project upload by calling standard Arduino software
  • Support for project configuration (separate for each project ) including target Arduino / CPU, COM port and baudrate specification
  • Editor with a list of Sketch functions and variables
  • User defineable code templates with Code completion
  • User-defined off-line Arduino HW/SW documentation including pinout diagrams of Arduinos / shields
  • Source code error handling with marking errors in the source and double-clicking to go to a line with an error
  • Arduino projects, Standard examples and Library examples in a tree structure
  • New-project templates
  • Copy-project function
  • Separate terminal window for each project
  • Terminal Channel mode which displays up to 8 "channel" values in separate boxes
  • Terminal Oscilloscope mode - displays up to 3 channel values as a running graph
  • The terminal can be also used as a stand-alone program - MjTerm.exe

Mira Slunicko


Hi MiraSlunicko,

Nice job, let's see how the program works.


Great job!

At least I have an excited and relax feeling with the colourful UI. Thanks for sharing.


Just tried this out, love the ability to jump to functions/libraries/examples. Would enjoy copy/paste from right click and mouse wheel scrolling. I haven't attempted yet, is isp via usbasp added in?


Hi MiraSlunico
Looks interesting. You quite GPL licence, but I don't see a link to the source code.


Excellent Work! thanks for sharing!!


+1 great tool

thanks for sharing

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