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Having just received my first Arduino, I would be delighted to hear from some Arduino hobbyists around the area.

I have a BTEC National Diploma in Electronics/Electrical Engineering and a Degree in Computer Science so hopefully I have some knowledge to share, but im sure there are lots of fantastic new things to learn.


Thanks for the headsup  ;)


I'm in Newport. Usually got an arduino project or three on the go.



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Hi There
I bought myself an arduino for Christmas and have made an led flash (whoo ho! )
and got a 16x2  LCD display working plus some of the starter projects without anything bursting into flames so far.
I'm ok on the hardware, its the programming thats new to me.
I did some assembler, Basic and C programming waaaaay back but its all rather vague now.

I'm in Bristol and want make some gadgets and gizmos for my motorbikes plus some security gadgets too
but I'm generally interested in anything  especially if I can hack modify and press it into use
for my own projects.

I suppose I'd better start reading the instructions.............



Hi there...we are starting up a hackspace in Cardiff. A few of us (including me) tinker around with Arduinos and we do other fun stuff too.

Please do get in touch - more info here http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Hackspace_Cardiff


markheseltine, add it to the map would ya ;)


Hi all!

First post. I'm based in Cardiff. I've just done a K'Nex robot with an ultrasound sensor. Will try something with USB and Bluetooth next - maybe Wiimote.

I'll check out the Hackerspace.




Im based near Newport, and have fiddled with most stuff arduino related, Im pretty much self taught, but like to think I know the difference between the two ends of a soldering iron now.

My favourite component at the moment has to be the DS18B20.

Often am fiddling with a bit of code or solder.


Hi guys, I live in Neath (Someone has to!), I've just picked up a Nano, Mega 2560, a sprinkling of IC's and components to build some car related monitoring and control projects :)

Going to have a lot of fun with this lot :)



south Wales gone a bit quiet on the Arduino front ? All too busy watching bouncers or the rugby ?

Anyone built anything interesting ? Here are some of my efforts - rcarduino.blogspot.com

Duane, formerly of Newport, Swansea and Cardiff.
Read this
then watch this



Hi, neighbour over the bridge in Bristol. Totaly new to this  :~


Hi, neighbour over the bridge in Bristol. Totaly new to this  :~


I'm going to be running a Show and Tell type scenario.

Would you, or anyone else be interested in a monthly\bi-monthly meet?

I've got a nice location for it (thanks to my employer). 

I work for a big software & telecommunications company, so lots and lots of in-house expertise on the software side.  Quite a few of my fellow nerds are playing with Ardiunos, Netduinos, PICs etc.

If you're interested, then please send me some details.






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