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Part number: NCP1402SN50T1G
Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor
Description: Voltage Regulators - Switching Regulators 5V 200mA Boost PWM

It is out of stock in all major suppliers in the USA: digikey (ships on 6/8/15), mouser (ships on 6/3/15), newark (6/1/15)

I guess they were bought up by some companies that need these for their toys etc. They were in stock a few weeks ago. I should have bought them while they still had them. I have a workshop that needs a sparkfun breakout board that uses this part. I was lucky to have realized this issue and bought enough breakout boards from SPE before THEY ran out of breakout boards.

In case you need parts like this, buy them way ahead of time.


In case you need parts like this, buy them way ahead of time.
Alas, this is generally true, and you can find or buy lists of "lead times" for popular semiconductors that are traditionally in short supply.  (Some manufacturers are infamous for long lead times.)    Digikey and Mouser spoil use these days; but it's always been difficult for those who need "small quantities" (as in less than thousands per year.)


So if company A know company B will use a certain part, and buy up all stock, B is in trouble ;)

For me, I found 10 regulators I bought and forgot. I'm good. Sparkfun must have stock and they just cranked out 200 breakout boards. Definitely for a July activity, 20 people workshop, I will start purchasing as soon as March.

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