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Hi all,

I'm trying to establish a connection between NFC shield and arduino uno. I'm using seeedstudio nfc shield v2.0.

I've uploaded all the required libraries. However, when I tried this code snippet;

Code: [Select]
#include <SPI.h>
#include "PN532_SPI.h"
#include "PN532.h"
#include "NfcAdapter.h"
PN532_SPI interface(SPI, 10); // create a PN532 SPI interface with the SPI CS terminal located at digital pin 10
NfcAdapter nfc = NfcAdapter(interface); // create an NFC adapter object
void setup(void) {
    Serial.begin(115200); // begin serial communication
    Serial.println("NDEF Reader");
    nfc.begin(); // begin NFC communication
void loop(void) {

    Serial.println("\nScan an NFC tag\n");
    if (nfc.tagPresent()) // Do an NFC scan to see if an NFC tag is present
        NfcTag tag = nfc.read(); // read the NFC tag into an object, nfc.read() returns an NfcTag object.
        tag.print(); // prints the NFC tags type, UID, and NDEF message (if available)
    delay(500); // wait half a second (500ms) before scanning again (you may increment or decrement the wait time)

I got an error message:

NDEF Reader
Didn't find PN53x board

Does anyone have any idea about my problem? What should I do?

Thank You


Seem like you don't have a board connected to the Arduino.
www.infoportal.it support at infoportal.it

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