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Thought i would share my first real project in the Arduino world, AgOpenGPS. It uses a Nano, an Arduino UNO, and is controlled by a windows tablet/laptop with the application written in C# and openGL. Communication is thru USB and GPS data is read by USB in NMEA 0183 sentence form.

The application measures is designed to control multiple sections of an implement turning them on and off based on whether or not an area has been applied. Boundaries can be recorded to maintain an inner area of application. Areas can be calculated by drawing a perimeter.

It will also do auto steer, with the Nano - drive the implement in straight and contour lines based on last pass. It utilizes pure pursuit tracking with very low tracking errors. AgOpenGPS sends all the data to the Nano which does all the PID steer control, reads an imu to correct heading with the GPS, kalman filtered tilt to correct antenna position when on sideslopes etc.

another Arduino does rate control and section relay driving as well as operator feedback for master turn on turn off.

It is all free, open source and available on Github. Open Source is very rare in Agriculture with these systems costing many thousands of dollars. While i'm "just" a farmer in Canada, people all over the world have started using the system providing feedback and suggestions.

So just wanted to say thanks to those who wrote the libraries and did all the groundwork making the Arduino so versatile and easy to use.

Some links: A youTube video showing auto steer and auto headland with mapping


Discussion forum where is being developed


Thanks again Arduino Team!

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