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I want to learn about robotic and I dont know where to start.
Is that ok if I start with "braccio" ?
I just know that in the future I want be able to code and build my own robots.
Is that a good approach?
I also ordered the starter kit from Arduino.
What do you think?
Have you other resources in order to form myself into robotic?
Thanks in advance


     I've built a few bots, great fun, but I just vuy the parts not a kit. Things to aviod are motor drivers using the L293/298? waste too much power and not the best, try a pololu DRV based driver module..

Give us more of the idea of what you want and we can help. in the mean time take a look at my bots here: www.melsaunders.co.uk under Electronis of course.

Open your mind! But not too far, your brains might fall out.
Also like Photography, model building and my 300+ Cacti and Succs.



I bought a book from the electronics store where arduinos are sold, and I have to say that if you work through most of the projects in it, even just the ones that will be useful to you such as servo control and using sensors, controlling motors etc with a starter kit which contains many of the bits required including an arduino,  you will rapidly learn the basics and avoid hours posting noob questions.  It might seem a lot to buy one but you've then got a reference book there, I use mine all the time.  Many many questions posted here are covered in the book.  The one I got was Arduino Workshop by John Boxall, well written and easy to follow.


Parallax has a version of their Boe Bot with an Arduino on it and some sensors and such - small three wheel thing - I have not looked at the Robot text but I have used some of their other texts and they do a good job of leading someone though new topics  

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