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Hi all,

I'm trying to understand if it's possibile to send voice in real-time between 2 Arduino via XBee.
Something like a unidirectional Walkie Talkie.
Something like that:

Microphone - Arduino - XBee ---------------> XBee - Arduino - Speaker

I would like to use this mic: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9964
I see the AUD pin and I assume I should connect it to the PWM pin on board, but I really don't know what kind of
values are read and how to send it in real-time.

Thanks in advance for your answers.



you cant tranzmit analog signals but you can digital so you will have to find away to convert them


That should theoretically work. If you just want the raw values sent over, hook aud to an analog pin, and then send the analogRead value of that over xbee constantly. Then have the target device use PWM to send this to a speaker. Of course, I don't think that this mic picks up sound. It just does levels of sound. (I'll need confirmation on that.)


Actually it's possible to change PWM frequency to sample the analog signal as desired

Getting deeper in the problem, I still don't understand if the digitalread values from PWM can be
send to the other device just with a digitalWrite to the XBee module.
Then, is it possible to send these values in the destination device directly to the speaker through a PWM ?



What you do not have is the data through put to do this on an xbee system. It is designed for sending packets of data not continuous streams.


Ok, so what do you suggest me for voice transmission with arduino ?
Something like unidirectional walkie talkie ....



Perhaps a shield containing a GSM 900 mhz modem would do the trick.

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