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Could some one show me a code example of how to store values recieved?
Without using an SD card or other form of external memory?

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sweet thank you! That helped a little lol  :smiley-mr-green:


How many data do you want to store?
You can indeed use the eprom, as you'll see in the previous links, but you're limited in size.
Consult your arduino's specs.

Good luck!


at least 25 values, with each value being 4 intregers long, im almost positive the eeprom on the mega2560 can handle that


The Arduino's built-in EEPROM library can only handle small values.  You might want to look at this extended library to make storing anything larger than a nibble easier:

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What do the folks who create things like EEPROMWriteAnything have against putting a few comments in with the code? Like an explanation of the variables used at a minimum? I really dislike having to pore thru the code trying to decipher what it does and what the unnamed variables represent to be able to use it.
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