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I may be asking more of the forum software/database than possible... here is the scenario

I sometimes read real good posts explaining /exposing some juicy technical detail. Much later (weeks, months) I have a similar problem, and recall having read about it, but not the details. And then spend ages searching for it  :smiley-roll-sweat:

Wouldn't it be nice if I could click on the post (not the topic) and then I can browse/search/list those posts? In fact, if I think about it (ouch!) this is better than Karma as the post recieves the point, but it can then be accredietd to the poster. And the reader is encouraged to only mark posts the reader finds interesting.

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It too wished there was such a feature. It would be like having favorites or bookmarks used in browers.



I use  Feedreader 3.14, if something nice comes up, I just move it to archive folder. Simple. I haven't try other RSS-reader, but I guess that feature would/should be there by default???

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Could you care to give a little more hints what you have (i.e. link) that allows you a - if I understpood you correctly - a local-download(?) of the post. Its little use if the RSS just gives me the whole forum or thread, then I just end up searching again. Its the single posts I am after.

Thank you in anticipation

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