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I have everything working except for one thing. When I write my log data to the drive, it appends the text to the right of the previous data. This gives me a single line extending farther and farther to the right. How do I get a new line started for each new entry? Help me please somebody!


By the way, this is a Vinculum VDIP1.


You have to add a carriage return and/or linefeed to each line (depending which system you're going to read this on).

Instead of writing "This is a line" for example, write out "This is a line\n"

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I have tried the following:


but, it doesn't work.....


Perhaps try \r as well?

Code: [Select]

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Yay! With your help, it now works!

You gave me the command, but it still wasn't working. I realized that I was not adding the characters to my count in the WRF command, so the "\r\n" wasn't getting to the thumb drive. Duh! Thanks again!

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