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Feb 04, 2011, 01:41 pm Last Edit: Feb 04, 2011, 01:47 pm by ChrisS Reason: 1
Maybe one of you is so old as i am and remember the Fonts of c64,cpc,8086....

There were ASCII codes to write lines on the Screen with Characters.

Today, somebody would administer Servers, use Linux or other textrelated surfaces....

I personally, used some Putty today (a wide spreaded terminal client),
and recognised that encodings doesn't work on all chars.

So, i've lookt into my Windows7 Fonts and.... tada... nearly no special characters into them.
They are starved out it seems....
i feel old :)


I've done a big search on the internet.... the only ttf-font which works here on my Windows7 is MS Linedraw. But its not open....
so i will ask you my old buddys, if someone know some ASCII Upperchar fonts which are free....
Especially Boxdrawing is needed... so a boxdraw added font is interessting too.

How is this on Linux? Are there full ascii fonts, or the same as "!" to "~".???

old house... ChrisS


uaaaahhh, you're right tested with Arial and ALT+192... ? it is working....

Then i am doing big mistakes?!?!?.

Sending 192 to Putty via serial, i am not able to see the corner.

I've configured any posibility in Encoding/Translation/Apperiance.
UTF8 ...,...,.... Characterset Translation, Handling of Linedrawing Charaters....

mmh, thats crazy.... only MS LineDraw works in Putty for me...

puh... a really big Questionmark here?

Seems that Putty handles some char another way i think.

Thank you for this hint, but i am confused now... more than ever...

Greetings Chris


Ah, i got it....

for everybody who will have the same Problem in future.....


Equals the CP437 Encoding + Unicode Linedrawing.... in Putty...

Everything is fine now!!!!!

Greetings ChrisS

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