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I'm using the latest Mac version of eagle.  I've got some smaller pitched devices that come out as a single blob when I print the board layout on an HP laser printer (1200 dpi).  I can't find a setting to influence this.

Any clues on how to increase the print resolution?



Backwards alternative: Save it as an Image at an alternative resolution/use an image program to print the resulting image ???

Not solving the problem - but a work around I guess....
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I thought about that, but I've had problems getting 1:1 in the past, so I thought I'd try to find a way to make eagle do what I want.

I may have to generate gerbers and use a gerber tool of some sort to print it.



What process are you using to print?
I seem to get the best results using the CAM processor to output postscript, and then using preview to convert/print that.  (at least as far as a preview goes.  My actual printer is a bit of pain to access.)

Looks like eagle isn't quite up to higher-res printing on its own; that's a bit of a shame, since I would normally give them credit for better-than-average attempts at accurate printing for hobbyists using toner transfer/etc.


It didn't occur to me to look for postscript output in the CAM processor.  Using the CAM processor's PS device did the trick!  now I hope my toner transfer/etch fab process (and skills) are up to the task. :)



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