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leds with 100 ohm resistor, working with the 3-light project from adafruit,  the led on pin 10 works ok, full brilliance.
the leds on pins 8 and 9 half-light. i found no ac component on pin 10, but around a half-volt on 8 and 9 when "lit".
the program compiles and works ok except for the partial brilliance.
pin 10 is at 4.5+ vdc. at the arduino side of the resistor..(correct.)
pins 8 and 9 only go to 1.55 vdc at their resistors.
i swapped the pin numbers in the arduino to 6 and 7 and reloaded, same symptom.
and, of course, i swapped the led, to see that they are all ok on the pin 10 location.
i must be missing some setup on those pins, or what?



Avoid throwing electronics out as you or someone else might need them for parts or use.
Solid state rectifiers are the only REAL rectifiers.
Resistors for LEDS!


yes, the code works and is correct.
i'm new at this forum and not yet familiar with including the attachment.  i thiink  i know. now, looking at the bottom of the page.
i will recheck the code, it is from the suggested code in the adafruit project.  it also verifies and loads ok.
i'm on a different PC now.
more later, thanks, sam

Terry King

Zammy, maybe totally simplify this to try to find what's really happening...

GO back to Blink example.  Onboard LED blinks OK?? 

Then change only that 13 to some other pins. Also try #14 to 19 (The "analog" pins which can also be outputs)..

I've tested quite a few Arduinos with my Test Shield, and have not seen any one pin more that a small amount different...

Let us know...
Regards, Terry King  ..On the Red Sea at KAUST.edu.sa
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