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Nick Gammon

Feb 05, 2011, 03:23 am Last Edit: Feb 15, 2011, 07:44 pm by David Cuartielles Reason: 1
This thread is locked for no obvious reason:


It asks a question about I2C which I thought I could help with. It also contains a graphic, however try as I might I can't find it offensive.


A glitch ?, this board probably has the most laid back moderation team on the face of the planet.  (After some boards its a breath of fresh air ;) )

Nick Gammon

Well, could it be unlocked please? I am not accusing the moderators of not being laid back, but if someone asks a question it is reasonable for them to get a timely response. Not necessarily 10 minutes later, but perhaps within 24 hours.


Are posters allowed to lock their own threads here? Sometimes people do that if they solve their own problem before anyone replies (although they should probably just delete the post)
Due VGA library - http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,150517.0.html

Nick Gammon

Using the  "Report to moderator" link is far more likely to effect a resolution than griping here.

I'm not griping, I'm asking nicely why the thread is locked. I just followed your suggestion and clicked on that link. It said:


Use this function to inform the moderators and administrators of an abusive or wrongly posted message.

The message is neither abusive nor wrongly posted.

According to the description for this forum section (on the main forum page) this part of the forum is for:


improvements for the web system, applications to moderator, spam, etc.

(my emphasis).

I'm applying to the moderator. Have I misunderstood the meaning of those words?

I'm making the assumption here that since this is Raoul6391's first post, and he helpfully included a graphic describing his requirements, that some automatic anti-spam feature has locked it. Over a day later now, I'm trying politely to have it unlocked.

I assume moderators read these threads, particularly as they are for applications to moderator.


Syimmer, there is a button, on my own threads, at the very bottom of the page with "Lock" and "delete". So the answer is yes. But I haven't tried.


The original author of the topic can Lock/Unlock/Delete the topic.
I think you must ask directly the author for the reason why the topic is locked, and not the administrators (unless the topic is offensive or doesn't respect the rules of the forum but this is not the case).


To all
It was my first post.
And I suspect I locked it by mistake...
I didn't even notice that nobody was able to answer until I received a PM!
Shame on me!!!!
Hundreds of excuses to the forum members that tried to help me.
Fortunately now I learnt the lesson!

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