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I want to build a project that gets information from the "Temp102" sensor connected to the D1 WeMos Board.
This board sends the information received from the sensor via WiFi.
I want this information that sends to the computer that has the LabView software and it will display the temperature in a termometer.
I have a program that I found in one of the sites that does what I want but with one problem!
The program is written for module Esp8266, which is connected to board Arduino Uno and therefore has different classics.
I need help converting the classics of module ESP8266 to relevant classes for Board D1 WeMos (This board has ESP8266 but it is built-in so there is no need to set it up in the program).

It's important to note that I tried to change it and make a "mix" but without success.

I would be happy if someone could check in the program what should be changed, which orders should be replaced?
(I believe it's 2 minutes work for anyone who knows)

Thank you very much for your help !
I appreciate you very much !!

I attached the programs (for arduino and for labview).



You are going to have to use serial port communication in LabVIEW to talk to the WeMos.


The communication in LabVIEW to talk with the WeMos is with WiFi...
Its possible, the problem is to change the program is written for module Esp8266, to program that will be write for WeMos D1.



Just use LabVIEW's TCPIP functions.  Data Communication ---> Protocol

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