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       Currently , I face a problem which I cannot solve. I already search many topic but I still cant solve them. So , i need help from you  =(
Sorry about my English,it's not so good.I will try my best to explain the current situation.

I have already wrote a program in java as and interface for sending command to arduino. What i can achieve right now is that i can command arduino to turn on/off the LED I want. However , my objective of this project is able to playing wav audio on arduino.

The rough system characteristic
Computer---->XBEE      --------------wireless-------------------             XBEE--->arduino---> 3.5mm jack speaker
    (using java)                                                                          (using c++ wait for the command)

1. At first i try to using a waveHC library but that library was used for playing the audio which saved on the SD card, but in my case I want it to play the file that saved on my computer via XBEE. I also try to modified the library but i get lost some how - -'''.  What should i do?

2. I found some thing about converting wav file to byte array. So , I have an idea about using java to convert wav file to byte array and sending 5-10 data at a time to arduino continuously. However i don't know how to convert it back and how to output the sound.

3. So the project should need some DAC , but I have a very little knowledge on this one , I don't know which one i should buy and how to connect with arduino. Would you suggest me on how to use it.

Thanks in advance for your help and sorry if there is any inconvenience


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