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sy kristina

Hi all,

I am trying to use my old cell phone for text messaging by using the groundlab GSM lib (http://wiki.groundlab.cc/doku.php?id=gsm_arduino_library). This is apparently made for the Mega, and when I try to substitute Serial3 with mySerial (as I usually do), I get these error messages:
Code: [Select]
SMS:19: error: no matching function for call to 'gsmSMS::gsmSMS(NewSoftSerial&, long unsigned int (*)(), HardwareSerial*)'
C:\Programfiler\arduino-0022\libraries\GROUNDLAB_GSM_ARDUINO/gsmSMS.h:32: note: candidates are: gsmSMS::gsmSMS(HardwareSerial&, uint32_t (*)(), HardwareSerial*)
C:\Programfiler\arduino-0022\libraries\GROUNDLAB_GSM_ARDUINO/gsmSMS.h:25: note:                 gsmSMS::gsmSMS(const gsmSMS&)

Is there any way to get this library to work with NewSoftSerial, or am I going to have to buy a Mega?



Hi, I don't use this library but a modified version of HWKitche's library.
It's very simple.
You can find my modified version on open-electronics.og



Hi, I don't use this library but a modified version of HWKitche's library.
It's very simple.
You can find my modified version on open-electronics.og

i'm using newSoftSerial library and i'm going no where.
I'm using Arduino ATmega8 board amd SIM300 GSM modem,

1) GSM modems Tx --> pin 2 on Arduino
2) GSM modems Rx --> pin 3 on Arduino

i even changed the connections of Rx an TX, no result.

modem is working fine when i use HyperTerminal(MS) , but i'm not able to communicate GSM modem through Arduino board.
Need help.


In my GSM library I implement the NewSorftSerial, so you don't need to do nothing.
I use the pin 4 and 5.
The command TurnOn(baud) set the speed communication with the module (es.    TurnOn(9600)   )


Selecting the serial hardware there are no problem with the baudrate (the default module baudrate is 115200) but there are problem programming the module (the serial is also used to upload the sketch).
Using instead the pin 4 and 5 there aren't problems to upload the sketch but the maximum baudrate for NewSoftSerial (the serial library) is 57600.
We performed a GSM library to controll easly the module. The GSM library is a modified version of the library of HWKitchen.
With our version we controll the module throw the pin 4 and 5 (so normal digital pin) and our GSM libray include also the NewSoftSerial, so you can easy control the module, send and read SMS, make call, control the GSM state ecc.



hey :)

I'm using GSM SIM300 modem and Arduino(Atmega8) board.

I'm able to send AT commands from Arduino board to GSM modem, and modem's responding correctly, but i'm not able to read/display what GSM modem is sending.

I just wanna display/read messages from GSM modem through Arduino borad.

Help needed.

Thanks :)


Which is the speed of communication?
The NewSoftSerial can't reach 115200.



The NewSoftSerial can't reach 115200.

Yes, it can.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


Hi don't know if ther is a new version, but the version in the GSM library can't reach 115200 in RX

The same result are here:

NewSoftSerial 9 transmits reliably at 115.2K.  The RX is reliable at 57.6K on 16MHz Arduinos and 31.25K on 8MHz chips.  (These results were obtained in my lab.  Yours may vary, especially, apparently, on battery powered Arduinos.)



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