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Hello 'ive purchased a NodeMCU V3 Lua WIFI Module ESP8266 this one

its connected to my w10 64x computer and a blue light flashers on the NodeMCU, so i assume the w10 drivers are ok.
in the Arduino on computer ide/additional boards, i have included http://arduino.esp8266.com/stable/package_esp8266com_index.json and installed.
However when i go to Tools/boards, NodeMCU V3 is not included, selecting v.9 or v1.0 does not appear to work.
If i try to compile a sketch i get

compilation terminated.

exit status 1
Error compiling for board NodeMCU 0.9 (ESP-12 Module).
Error compiling for board NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP-12 Module).

Does anyone know how i can get the NodeMCU V3 to e recognised and to work


When you encounter an error you'll see a button on the right side of the orange bar "Copy error messages". Click that button. Paste the error in a message here USING CODE TAGS (</> button on the toolbar).

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