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I am using the ADXL001 chip to measure the acceleration of the actuator arm of a hard disk drive. I purchased the chip/IC only (not the evaluation kit). I built the circuit exactly similar to the application circuit (fig. 20) of the datasheet. Here's the link:

Now I gave a Vs = +5V and when I measure the output voltage, (using a simple multimeter) from Xout (pin 6) I only get 2.5 V. When vibrating/shaking the ADXL001 chip in the X-axis (or in the direction of Pin8 ) I don't get any changes in the output. What can I do to get a change in the voltage or any changes at all? How do I measure the output sensitivity of the ADXL001? Do I have to give a supply current of 2.5mA? What am I doing wrong, my objective is to see a significant change in the output when I shake/move the ADXL001 IC in X-axis.

My project is at a halt because of this ADXL001 chip. Please advice me on this as it is part of an important project.

Tasnim Siddiqi


What am I doing wrong,

You are:-
(using a simple multimeter)

You need to look at the output on a scope, it changes way too fast to see anything with a meter.

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