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hey guys,

simple question,

can anybody tell me ,, when exactly we need to use speed contrallers in robots,,

am making a two wheeled robot with cylindrical body,, do i need speed conraller or not?


The main deciding factor is probably related to the current requirements of you intended motors.  Do you have any in mind?


More like you require a speed controller if the motor is capable of going faster than you require.   If the motor speed is suitable and you want to control its acceleration you will require a speed controller.   If the in-rush current during uncontrolled acceleration (the motor running up to full speed from a stopped condition) is greater than your power source can supply, you will require a speed controller.  If you want to reverse the motor whilst in motion you will require a speed controller.

In fact for any reason other than the most basic system you will find a speed controller a desirable feature


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